The Ark. Friendship, commitment, responsibility.

The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile nor the joy of companionship: it is the spiritual inspiration we have when we discover that someone believes in us and is willing to trust us.

R.W. Emerson

Friendship, commitment, responsibility

Il Villaggio dell'Arca

The Ark project is born from a deep, loyal, friendship between father Guido, Roberto, and a small
(in the beginning) group of people in Kazakhstan and Italy; confident in the ability to build something real, concrete, and with a single aspiration: to give to children who have no one to take care of them, an opportunity for a different life.

The Ark project is a project of life. A full sharing of ideals and requirements, method and form.
It brings together life experiences of participation and service; the willingness and faith to progressively provide values, skills and knowledge in a spirit of sharing with others.

The Ark project is the result of the cooperation of:

Uchrezhdenije Kovcheg, the Ark institution based in Almaty, Kazakhstan, which manages and coordinates the branch of the Ark Village, located in the neighboring city of Talgar.

– Associazione Arca Italia Onlus, the Ark association based in Milano, Italy, working with fund raising activities. The president is Roberto Depretis.

Il Villaggio dell'Arca

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