Volunteers and equipped kids …

admin Wednesday 13 February, 2013 | News

… Our kids are ready … with shovels, musical instruments and snow balls. Thanks to our friends from Shinhan bank and rock band.

Our new friends from Shinhan Bank spent an entire Sunday with us. For the whole day, an unstoppable succession of games and activities including cleaning a part of the territories covered by snow, and also making sculptures, labyrinths, decorations that involved our children too. Of course it did not take much persuasion to convince all the kids to be part of it motivated as well by final victory prizes. At the end of the day everyone was extremely happy from both sides and we can foresee that this friendship is going to last. Thank you guys!

Another rocking day … Our rock band friends came to the Village and organized a small rock concert. They let our kids playing the instruments, dance and experience sounds and music. It has been so much fun and at the end we couldn’t miss the culinary part. A tasty “plov” (rice, meat and vegetables) for everyone was cooked Uzbek style on open fire under the snow!


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