Vocational training

Work remains in every part of the world a way of giving dignity and structure to man’s existence. Apart from offering young people an opportunity to start their profession we want to propose a means to learn a different method of work to discover an enthusiasm and reason for ‘well done work’.

Il Villaggio dell'Arca

Professional teaching can be undertaken directly by industries, vocational training centers,
the study centers, the courses and the other professional training structures for the preparation of the workers.

(Statute, Chapter 3.9)

Il Villaggio dell'Arca

Under the jurisdiction of the Ark children are offered healthy and secure living conditions for study
so as to guarantee their intellectual, physical, moral and professional development (…)

(Statute Chapter 4.1)


Il Villaggio dell'Arca

Two, the main objectives.

First to offer alternatives that can become, for at least some the chance to choose a future profession that will allow them to enter their national Kazakhstan work force. Activities to develop in the Village: cooking courses for chefs, knowledge and tending of gardens and greenhouses, medical assistance in dental and physiotherapy clinics, tailoring courses, ceramic and painting on silk.

If possible the development of these activities should create a partial financial support for the Village. Not only to improve its commercial condition but above all to make the elder students more responsible towards those that have helped and as they say ‘to gain your bread with the sweat of your brow’.

For all the students inside the Village there are workshops in tailoring, ceramics and painting on silk which thanks to todays projects will help them reach personal independence.

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