Very Happy Child!

admin Wednesday 22 May, 2013 | News

After the Astana Forum, the Happy Child program includes the opening of our house in Almaty, closed for many years, which will become a shelter.

The initiatives of the “A child must live at home” movement are proceeding very fast. After the Astana Forum, the organization set up already two workshops in Almaty gathering officials from public and private institutions dealing with shelter-care and foster system from childhood to legal age in order to move forward to the creation of a new system on National base.

What is happening at the Village? KTK channel, dedicated two broadcasts to the cooperation between the Ark and the Movement. The first task involves our house in Almaty, closed for long time waiting for the right project, is going to become a counseling point and shelter for hardship families as well as an educational center for future foster and adoption parents.

In order to show more clearly the project objectives, the TV station filmed some fragments of our life
at the Village and interviewed some of the parents whose decisions to give us their children to foster saved their family from a permanent separation.

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