A scholarship to Nastja

admin Tuesday 28 June, 2011 | News

Finishing school has a special meaning for anyone of us, for Nastja this is definitely an important moment … “What will I do when I grow up”.

Nastja has lived for several years with us, and then, for the usual bureaucratic mysteries related to the world of orphanages, was transferred back to a State orphanage in Almaty. This year, after having completed her studies at the age of eighteen, she has been allowed to return to the Ark Village definitively. Right now the chance for Nastja is getting a nursing degree, which could later become a university course in Medicine. During the summer, beside resting a little bit, Nastja will begin to practice at the Village clinic, to realize what it means for her to assist the nurse, the pediatrician or the dentist. This is why the Ark has set up the project “a scholarship for Nastja” that will allow us to support the costs of the first year of study for preparing her for a future profession.

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