The Smile Day

Emanuela De Vecchi Monday 12 November, 2018 | News


The 11th annual Smile Day celebration, organized by Ayala Foundation, took place May 29th at Fantasy World Almaty. This year, more than 500 children from 6 different orphanages celebrated the end of the school year and the beginning of summer vacations.

Guests of honor were the children and teenagers of all the orphanages in the Almaty area, including our Ark Village in Talgar. The first Smile Day was organized by the Ayala foundation in 2008. Since then, every year this event has become one of the most exciting days for the children. On this day they have full free access to all park attractions and get to enjoy the tasty food and delicacies served at the park kiosks.

The celebration at Fantasy World Almaty was organized with the support of Samsung Electronics of Central Asia, who covered all the logistic costs. Other partners that participate every year in making this day special are: Love Pak, Vita Bottlers and Sonata Kids.

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