The fifth house at the Village is completed

Emanuela De Vecchi Sunday 16 November, 2014 | News

We have been working months long to finish the fifth house of the Village. We were trying to do our best according to the plans we had thought for this new house. We had some delays especially due to the difficulties to choose the right foster parents, but then, life kicked in… the unexpected arrival, in tragic conditions, of six children from the same family, that could not face any kind of delay.


And so within a few days, actually in a few hours, the foster parents with their child moved into the new house, together with the new children and some of ours guys from different houses, all of them will form this new group. Even tough they were expected since a long time, these forced events gave birth to a large solidarity chain, sponsors and local friends worked to provide all that is necessary for this family: the last furniture for the children’s room, home appliances, linen and kitchenware.

For children linen


What else can we say? We wish everybody… have a good life!

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