The colors … that warm!

admin Sunday 13 January, 2013 | Events

A group of young friends, recently known, has organized in a shopping center in Almaty, an auction of photos of famous artists, with the aim of contributing to the costs of the Ark Village for the purchase of fuel for the heating.

Like every year, the local raising funds to cover the costs which increase continuously is a major effort. The number of sponsors has decreased (always faithful Caspian Marine Services and Dietsmann), but the number of personal donations or groups of friends who share this “warm project” has multiplied and this allows us to live more serenely the low winter temperatures.
In the photo above, our junior dance group has been invited, during the event, to demonstrate its ability.

At the Charity Ball of the Almaty International Women’s Club (AIWC), as far as what has been told us, a particularly significant moment has been the auction for the sale of one of  Vova ‘s paintings. Congratulations!


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