The Ark Village for the environment

Emanuela De Vecchi Wednesday 18 November, 2015 | News

Andrey’s dedication, with help from the Ark Village community, is focusing on the most important aspects and objectives to improve the ecological project “Our Common Home” in cooperation with Caritas Almaty. First of all, it is necessary to create awareness about the responsibility of waste disposal and the negative impact improper waste disposal can have on the environment. Andrey already made a presentation for the Ark Village and now we are working to present it to schools in Talgar and Almaty.

The second part is operational. Ark Village is currently a test platform for the recycling of paper, plastic, glass, batteries.


This initiative has already been proposed outside the Ark Village borders. Andrey made arrangements with some shops in the neighborhood to allow boxes in their stores for the recycling of batteries and also brochures to explain the meaning and importance of the entire project. Thanks to the involvement of Caritas volunteers, this initiative will reach the city of Almaty as well.

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