We are committed to engage all the professional, technological, and human resources available in order to best serve the children. Children who, as of today, haven’t been able find an adequate,
local response.

Il Villaggio dell'Arca

The process of education and training carried out by the Ark is implemented bearing the state
of the children’s health in mind. Organizations dedicated to education guarantee the implementation of measures necessary for disease prevention, improved health and physical conditioning and an environment that promotes a healthy way of life for the children.

(Statute, Chapter 3.10)

Borrowing the title of a television series in Italy and Spain, we also have a “Doctor in the Family”! Rather, we have several doctors. Today, on a more or less on a permanent basis, the building that was renovated a few years ago with the dream of realizing a mini-clinic is currently carrying out numerous medical rehabilitation programs – a wonderful achievement! These include a physiotherapy center, used mainly for pathologies tied to the infant cerebral paralysis, two dental offices (one of which is equipped for radiology), a studio for speech therapy and one for psychological care.

Periodically, we also receive specialists, both local or from Italy (a joint venture), coming from a variety of backgrounds and specialities, both for our children and for those that from outside our area who come to us for consultation or help.

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