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Spread the word and… a surprise for our children

Thursday 22 December, 2011 | News Read more

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Always new forms of voluntary work. After students, teachers and entrepreneurs, now a group of hair-stylists has started relations of help and friendship.

New little guests at the Ark Village

Wednesday 21 December, 2011 | News Read more

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Requests for accommodation from the town council never stop. Apart from very few exceptions, we are obliged, though against our will, to refuse owing to lack of space. Is it about time to think of a new house?

Joyful greetings with “The Ark Noel”!

Sunday 20 November, 2011 | News Read more

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Click on DONATE NOW and choose the digital postcards for the wishes of Merry Christmas, and e-mail to your friends. Thank you with all our hearts.

Experiences of youth volunteering

Sunday 20 November, 2011 | News Read more

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New ‘work in progress’ projects for the Ark Village with young volunteers.

2011-12 Winter Collection

Sunday 20 November, 2011 | News Read more

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The sewing and handcraft group are looking for new projects. Send us your ideas. Thank you very much from our young artists!

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The Ark Village's main goal is to welcome, rehabilitate, and provide job training to orphans and disabled children located in our area of Kazakhstan.
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Welcome back spring!

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