One Partner, one project.

In the last few years a number of firms in Italy and in Kazakhstan have chosen to partner with us, because they know us, they share the Ark’s aims, and they’ve found our approach to be committed and professional. These firms have decided to support some of the Ark’s projects, partially or in full, in various ways devised by them and the Ark together on particular occasions; or just to help us with the everyday burdens of running the Village.

The Ark’s objectives

Il Villaggio dell'Arca

The partnerships initiated so far have been of immense importance, not just for the direct boost
to on-going activities, but also because of the opportunities they create for continuing cooperation in future.

The objectives we have now set, and which we are now offering to share with firms which have the same values as ours, are these:

– better provision for children at the Ark Village in Kazakhstan, extending our program of educational and rehabilitation services and promoting a participatory approach that supports the children’s families as well, if they have any.

– better access for the children to primary teaching, in cooperation with the local authorities.

– better-tailored planning of the Ark’s vocational training activities for young adults in the Village,
so as to prepare the facility for some degree of self-management.

– assessing definitive solutions, together with the local authorities, for raising the maximum age
for young adults to be accommodated at the Village.

– Improving the protection mechanisms for vulnerable children and young adults through various activities and in cooperation with the local authorities.

raising awareness among the authorities, public, and the local community through news and broadcast information about what we do, so as to enhance the benefits to children and young adults.

– further raising awareness about the importance of putting the routine management of the Ark Village on sound footing through small donations from individuals and firms, so as to leverage
the widespread enthusiasm for partnership in one-off projects into an extension and upgrading
of the whole facility and its social relationship with the local authorities.

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