Vova and Natasha back again at the Institute

Monday 5 March, 2012 | News Read more

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People get used to beautiful things and take them for granted. So in May of last year, when we got the permission from the director of the nursing home, to take Vova and Natasha home for the period of the renovation of the Institute, it was like a dream.

Students at work to decorate the children’s rooms

Sunday 4 March, 2012 | News Read more

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The students of the International School of Almaty have started an exciting new project this week: “let’s decorate your bedroom following your dreams!”. The aim of the project is to give concrete form to the wishes of children and young guys, and how they would like to see their rooms decorated.

A new house for the Ark Village

Thursday 2 February, 2012 | News Read more

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After reaching maximum capacity of the houses in the Village, we started thinking of the possibility of a new house in place of the ruined building left since the Soviet times.

Nastja has her scholarship!

Thursday 2 February, 2012 | News Read more


Some years ago a family from Italy, guests at the Ark Village on their honeymoon, decided to finance the education course of Nastja.

A bingo game with friends… a new project made real

Thursday 2 February, 2012 | News Read more

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An evening with friends, a cheerful game of Bingo and another project has been carried out at once.

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