Solar panels

Emanuela De Vecchi Monday 20 April, 2015 | Completed projects

Our first solar panel project, thanks to the support of our Italian friends, was completed in 2008. Six solar panels were installed, one on each roof of the four existing homes at that time, one on the kitchen/dining room and one for the medical centre and school. At that time, the models available locally were simple, only functioned during the warm months, and only to make hot water via a tank on the roof. Over the years, snow caused damage to some of the panels, but the project clearly allowed for a considerable savings of electricity for the houses and kitchen/dining room.


In late 2014 the AK Bota foundation donated a solar panel system for the fifth house. Of course this system has different characteristics from the previous model. It can function throughout the year and not only works to provide hot water, it is also connected to the heating system, saving on fuel costs!


The new solar system installed on January 2015 thanks to Ak Bota foundation

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