The new Gas Plant has been completed

Emanuela De Vecchi Wednesday 15 June, 2016 | Completed projects

Every year, at the approach of the winter season, we have the task of finding funds to secure the heating supply for the winter months. Now at last, after a long wait, the city gas line came to Talgar and we are connected. This will allow considerable savings on heating costs.

Thanks to the help of many local friends, the heating project was realized. The new system was purchased and installed and pipes now run through the whole village. Air Astana updated our boilers that heat the houses and the dining hall, and StamGazStroy funded work to create a new central heating system for the school and the clinic, as well as the purchase of a much needed new gas boiler.


We thank you all for the invaluable contribution that will help to ensure warm winters to the Ark Village.



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