Nauryz Day signed by “Air Astana”

admin Wednesday 22 May, 2013 | News

The Kazakhstan National Airline organized and sponsored the “Spring” Celebration at the Village. They also renewed their willing to support the Ark in future projects.

This year the traditional spring celebration of “Nauryz” has been celebrated late in comparison to the previous years. We have been waiting for our friends of Air Astana to organize with us this beautiful event. They not only sponsored the event but their President, Mr. Peter Foster, took part in person with his family and many other employees. More than audience they, thanks to our group’s enthusiasm, have become part of the party sharing the different cultures and colors present in Kazakhstan through typical dances and traditional food buffets.
The party was also an occasion to talk about the support Air Astana is willing to offer to Ark as they did in the past, showing their appreciation of what we do.

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