Monthly donation

With a repetitive donation, the same amount every month, you can ensure that the children of Ark Village receive all the care and attention they need, day after day, in safety and with the assurance that they will grow up healthy and protected.

Il Villaggio dell'Arca

With a donation that is renewed automatically, Ark can count on confirmed resources with which
to plan its activities to best effect and at the same time reduce administrative costs. Support us with a donation of $ 15, $ 25, $ 50 …, your recurring contribution will be a big help.

  • Ask your bank to set up a monthly standing order for the desired amount to our bank account
    in Kazakhstan:
    Uchrezhdenie Kovcheg
    IBAN: KZ96 826A 1KZT D201 2799 (Tenge)
    IBAN: KZ04 826A 1EUR D200 1640 (Euros)
    БИН: 000940001535
    in Italy:
    Associazione Arca Italia Onlus
    IBAN: IT 17 K 03589 01600 010570419114

Many thanks from the Ark family.

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