Maxim to school with the other children

Emanuela De Vecchi Monday 21 November, 2016 | News

In Italy during the ‘70’s, children with handicaps could not attend regular classes and had to go to special schools. But we are in 2016 in Kazakhstan and still here, it is very difficult for disabled children to attend schools with their peers.

A lot of superstitions still exist, distrust and misinformation, leading some to think that Down syndrome is a contagious disease. Nevertheless, things are changing, thanks to many associations in the area, spreading information and awareness campaigns explaining that disabilities are not monsters to run from.


An example of these changes is our Maxim, affected by a spine pathology that means he is dependent on a wheel chair.  This year, he will attend public school together with the other children.

Along with the joy of this small, and simultaneously huge victory, comes the awareness that there is still a long road to travel, in which a fundamental task will be training specialists and a more delicate task, involving all parts of society, will be the changing of a rooted mentality and beliefs.

Hope for the future is encouraged by the recognition that something is already changing. More and more we meet people who want to contribute and take responsibility to help create this new society in which we hope Maxim is the first of many groundbreakers.


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