Lena and little Masha at the Village

Emanuela De Vecchi Monday 20 June, 2016 | News

Without a doubt, it is an incredible feeling to see someone who began their life experience at The Ark Village at a tender age, to visit as not only an adult, but a parent.

So it was a double joy to have a visit from Lena and her little Masha for a few days. For Lena, the visit was a taste of home; to feel once more in her natural environment like she did when she joined the tailor’s atelier without us having even to ask her.


For little Masha we do not know yet how traumatizing this experience was… Every day she was overwhelmed with babysitters offering their “services”, racing to give her the best care possible and lining up to feed her, change her, play with her, or just hold her in their arms. Overall, it was a good experience for them and gave the  opportunity to all our children, teens, and grown-ups to see a future filled with possibilities; as well as prove stronger than a thousands words, that they will never be alone anymore.


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