Kolja’s strength

Emanuela De Vecchi Thursday 19 July, 2018 | News

Kolja’s case has been the center of the entire community’s attention for the past few months.  He was the victim of a domestic incident few year back, which resulted in burns on the entire front of his body except for his face. The main issue Kolja was having was that the treatments done at the time of the accident were so badly done that the skin was not growing anymore, when of course his bones and muscles were. This was causing many problems and obviously excruciating pain.

In order to organize the medical procedures and treatments we had to be granted full custody of Kolja and his sister. After this issue was solved, we put the medical machine in motion. The first step was a trip to Astana for a small – compared to the next ones – hand surgery. After their return to the Village, they spent some time with us in order to get to know everyone and get used to the Village activities and way of life.

We would like to thank everyone that in some way or another supported us in this period. Local farmers, companies, and private individuals joined together to support the group Aruzhan Sain.  Aruzhan Sain is a local organization which raises money to sponsor difficult operations abroad for children in need. The operation could not be done in Kazakhstan. Thanks to them, it was possible to raise the money to pay for the entire medical and rehabilitation process.

We were also a bit worried about the welcome Kolja and his sister would receive from the Village group but as usual, they have been great, helping them to become part of the group in no time. This attitude helped the two newcomers feel at ease in their new home and are participating in games and activities like everyone else.


After the first operation in Astana and the brief stop at the Ark Village, Kolja had to be transferred to Korea for the next step, a more complicated surgery.  He traveled with a nurse for the duration of his stay. During his time in Korea, we were able to keep in touch with him with video calls thanks to the kindness of the hospital team. After the treatments, it was a great joy to welcome him back. We made a special celebration at the airport before continuing a big party at the Village.



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