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admin Wednesday 29 February, 2012 | Events

A great example of participation is the one developed by the students of the Flora of Turin who have studied in depth how the children of the Ark, in Kazakhstan, live.

During the work in groups, while exchanging ideas and feelings about a “way of life” so far from our well-being, it has come up the idea of creating a partnership for the children of brother Luca, called “al bar di fra’ Luca” (to the bar of brother Luca).

How does it work?

The vending machines at school from time to time go ‘out of order’ to let “al bar di fra’ Luca”, work: here the kids buy home-made slices of cake and beverages… because “every collected penny lets each child of brother Luca smile”.

We thank you for your continuous and precious commitment for the children of the Ark Village in Talgar.

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