Good Luck Bayan!

Emanuela De Vecchi Wednesday 25 January, 2017 | News

Here at the Ark Village, we are used to people coming and going, the generations always refreshing.  But sometimes the change is somehow more difficult to accept.  Bayan was one of the first girls to arrive, just a small child. A short stay at the public orphanage nearly became her future because, for reasons still unknown, she ended up in the disabled ward.  She was forced on a long and complicated journey to change her status, reversing a diagnosis of a disability that was not there. She had to deal with a complicated schedule, going between the Village and a boarding school program imposed by the school. Eventually, at the end we had a happy homecoming, then a last sprint to finish her studies and enter the working world.


Maybe all these difficult experiences gave her maturity ahead of her time.  She has always been responsible and very close to the Village family.  Even while sharing her happiness, we cannot overlook the fact that her going away leaves a void.  According to the Kazakh tradition, when a girl is engaged, she moves in with her fiancé in their new home. Of course, we are happy for her; it is great to think that such a difficult life ended up like a fairy tale but still… it’s hard to let go.

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