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admin Sunday 13 January, 2013 | Events

Saturday, December 1st in the church of San Biagio in Monza, Italy, took place a wonderful interpretation of songs of the Christmas tradition, sang by the Choir of San Biagio directed by Fausto Fedeli. A real success, a huge thanks to all!

The church was extraordinary full with an attentive public who has shared in the success of the soirée. A special thanks for the hospitality that Don Marco gave us, thanks to the President of Choir of San Biagio Antonio Fedeli, to the conductor and to all the choir members for their commitment and bravura and to the kind-hearted public who gave us a wonderful soirée and allowed us to collect a generous contribution. The Choir of San Biagio will fully devote the donations collected for the construction of the fifth house that has to be realized at the Ark Village in Talgar.

In Milan, a few days after the soirée, as for the past four years, a close group of friends, including those who have taken part in the organization of the concert of the Choir of San Biagio, gathered for the “traditional” Christmas Bingo for the Ark. What has been collected during the evening will be added to the contribution for the construction of the new house at the Village. Thank you with all my heart, dear old friends!


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