Hip Hip Hooray for Jacopo!

Sunday 25 November, 2012 | Events Read more


Our friends Mariagrazia and Paolo decided to share with us their son Jacopo baptism celebration organizing a fund raising for Arca.

A friend special like a flower

Saturday 5 May, 2012 | Events Read more


Euphrasia has chosen to become partner of the Ark sharing a message of love and solidarity. Read her work, a simple example on how to support projects  for the every day life of our children.

Live from Flora High School Institute of Turin

Wednesday 29 February, 2012 | Events Read more

arca_foto evento1febbr_little

A great example of participation is the one developed by the students of the Flora of Turin who have studied in depth how the children of the Ark, in Kazakhstan, live.

The friend of my friend… is my friend

Tuesday 19 July, 2011 | Events Read more


To celebrate the 80th birthday of dear friends of ours, there was a charity evening supporting the Ark Village, with the presence of father Guido. In this occasion a leaflet about the Ark and about the ways to become a partner was given.

Martino’s Christening

Monday 18 July, 2011 | Events Read more


Hello father Guido, we are happy we shared this special moment with you and we are grateful for your love. We’ll remember you in our prayers and please do the same for us. An embrace to you, father Luca and all the people of the Ark. Elisabetta, Antonio and Martino

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