Dentists at the Village: mission done!

admin Wednesday 22 May, 2013 | News

Ten intense days for our dentists friends: Marta and Matteo. They have been working hard to keep active the dental-care project.

After a long break we are back on track with the dental-care project. Marta and Matteo are two new entries to the dentist’s team from Italy supporting and promoting the project.
They checked, update and organize the entire mission. In fact, they check the dental condition of all children and teens at the Village, set up an electronic database for the past years Including X-ray results and they did a presentation about dental hygiene for everyone.
Also they found the time to treat a group of children from another orphanage.
As always they participate to the Village life, Nauryz celebration, Bayan birthday party and they left with the intention to involve more colleagues in the project to increase the number of supporters. Thank you!

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