Computer Lab: 4-!

admin Wednesday 22 May, 2013 | News

This is not a bad mark. Our guys are great students. Unfortunately this is the result of an overnight break in into the lab. Four computers were stolen. The “spread the word” of our local friends is working to replace what is missing in the lab as soon as possible.

People says: “it’s an ill wind that blows nobody”. We are trying to keep this in mind to overcome the disappointment of what has happened after our last bulletin. As you may recall, we talk about the possibility to renew some of our old computer in order to help the more grown-ups. Apparently someone decided to help us in this change and one night after breaking in (one window was broken and the grill was wrecked) 4 of the 7 computer of the classroom have been stolen. The positive part of this bad experience is that the word spread fast and a solidarity chain in Almaty is working to replace the stolen computers and get the classroom to be able to work again soon. We look forward to developments. In the meantime the technological education project continues even with a slower pace.

Below the picture of how it was..or.. how it will be!

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