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During the past years of activity the Ark has completed a lot of projects. We can say that the Village itself exists thanks to the projects... and more! Every new day is a new project!! Looking back to the Ark story we can realize how many steps we moved together. The last group of projects gave a contribution in expanding the services the Village offers, making the “Ark” a more effective presence in the reality of the local social life.

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MEDICAL CHECK-UP project for children

Thursday 5 April, 2012 | Completed projects Read more


Thank you, friends of the Ark, for having taken this project to heart. Each year, in spring, some children of the Ark Village,…

A new water pump for the Village

Monday 6 February, 2012 | Completed projects Read more

arca_progetto pompa_little

This is an example of how you can help the Ark in a simple way creating a warm atmosphere with friends.

“A scholarship for Nastja” is a reality

Monday 6 February, 2012 | Completed projects Read more


The project “A scholarship for Nastja” has been achieved thanks to the contribution of a family close to the Ark, who follows us on the web.

Project: “Let’s walk together”

Saturday 8 October, 2011 | Completed projects Read more


“Walking together”, is a project that includes the purchase of rehabilitation aids and equipment. Rotary Club Monza Ovest and Rotary Club Crema, Italy, together, in a constructive path of solidarity.

Project: “A gym for the Ark Village”

Wednesday 27 July, 2011 | Completed projects Read more


Phase One of the project begun by our local partner, the Almaty Fidelity Fitness Club, has now been completed: it was inaugurated…

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