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During the past years of activity the Ark has completed a lot of projects. We can say that the Village itself exists thanks to the projects... and more! Every new day is a new project!! Looking back to the Ark story we can realize how many steps we moved together. The last group of projects gave a contribution in expanding the services the Village offers, making the “Ark” a more effective presence in the reality of the local social life.

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The big stable

Wednesday 13 February, 2013 | Completed projects Read more


When the snow melt we’ll build the new stable. It’ll be bigger and with new animals.

Workshops heating and hayloft projects are completed

Sunday 25 November, 2012 | Completed projects Read more


The project to heat of the ceramic and tailor workshops is finished. No more cold in the working areas. The new hayloft as been built at lightning speed, but for the stable…!

Small rooms for creative children

Thursday 27 September, 2012 | Completed projects Read more


The students of the Almaty International School in Kazakhstan, with whom already exists a friendship, have thought about an exciting new mini-project: “Let’s decorate your bedroom together!”. The project will be developed according to how the children of the Village would like their dream bedroom to be.

Friends for a … bio-tank

Thursday 6 September, 2012 | Completed projects Read more


An event that has taken place for the last two years: a circle of friends on a trip to Monferrato, Northwest Italy, to spend a Sunday in good company and collect funds for the Ark. An immediate contribution for the Village, to build the septic tank and carry out some changes in the old sewer […]

The project “a new roof for the gym” ended

Thursday 6 September, 2012 | Completed projects Read more


The rebuilding of the gym’s roof and of the adjacent labs, of tailoring and ceramics, and the repair of the interior walls that were damaged by the water leaks of last winter have come to an end. Thank you all, dear friends, for your presence and active participation to the life in the Village of […]

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