Completed projects

During the past years of activity the Ark has completed a lot of projects. We can say that the Village itself exists thanks to the projects... and more! Every new day is a new project!! Looking back to the Ark story we can realize how many steps we moved together. The last group of projects gave a contribution in expanding the services the Village offers, making the “Ark” a more effective presence in the reality of the local social life.

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The new Gas Plant has been completed

Wednesday 15 June, 2016 | Completed projects Read more


Every year, at the approach of the winter season, we have the task of finding funds to secure the heating supply for the winter…

Solar panels

Monday 20 April, 2015 | Completed projects Read more


Our first solar panel project, thanks to the support of our Italian friends, was completed in 2008. Six solar panels were…

A tractor for the Village

Friday 16 January, 2015 | Completed projects Read more


The Mini Tractor project can be considered closed! It has been purchased thanks to the financial support of the AIWC (Almaty…

A Fifth House for the Village

Friday 14 November, 2014 | Completed projects Read more


Another dream is realized, thanks to the contribution of those who want a brighter future for our children born into less…

Health project: children check-up

Saturday 20 April, 2013 | Completed projects Read more


Thanks dear friends, medical check-up project are coming to the end.

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