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The Ark Bulletin, May 2014

Tuesday 17 June, 2014 | Bulletin Read more


A visit to the legendary “Yury Nikulin” Russian Circus performing in Almaty, a gift from DINARA. The smell…

The Ark Bulletin, April 2014

Wednesday 2 April, 2014 | Bulletin Read more


For more than a month we have continued to celebrate and welcome spring, while winter just didn’t want to give up! There…

The Ark Bulletin, March 2014

Sunday 2 March, 2014 | Bulletin Read more


When we were children we were taught that March was a bit crazy, due to the weather instability. In this case, crazy was the…

The Ark Bulletin, February 2014

Sunday 2 February, 2014 | Bulletin Read more


Medet receives the keys to his new home! Pure happiness! The first wonderful news of this bulletin is about Medet. He has …

The Ark Bulletin, January 2014

Sunday 12 January, 2014 | Bulletin Read more


Celebration pics from the New Year and a warm gift for all: Duvets for everyone!!! We thought we would close the chapter of…

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