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The Ark Village Bulletin April 2015

Monday 18 May, 2015 | Bulletin Read more


This month, without a doubt, our tailor workshop received the lion’s share of everyone’s attention. The encouragement…

The Ark Village Bulletin March 2015

Tuesday 21 April, 2015 | Bulletin Read more


March is always characterized by Women’s Day and Nauryz, the celebration of spring. Everywhere in the country, as well…

The Ark Village Bulletin February 2015

Thursday 19 March, 2015 | Bulletin Read more


New, ambitious projects are about to begin at the Village. Under “Artistic Director” Mila (a new Italian friend who…

The Ark Village Bulletin January 2015

Wednesday 18 February, 2015 | Bulletin Read more


Olga, thanks to the holiday break, was able to stay at the Village for a fairly long time. It was the perfect time to receive…

The Ark Village Bulletin December 2014

Monday 19 January, 2015 | Bulletin Read more


Gathering for New Year’s Eve dinner, we say goodbye to the year 2014. Around ravioli and a slice of pizza, we played a game,…

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