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The Ark Village Bulletin September October 2016

Tuesday 22 November, 2016 | Bulletin Read more


Mila’s departure to Italy left a void in the tailoring workshop. Now under Tanya’s supervision, our group of young …

The Ark Village Bulletin July August 2016

Friday 23 September, 2016 | Bulletin Read more


In our last bulletin we left our two Bayans and Liosha after having just earned diplomas and looking for jobs. Both Bayans…

The Ark Village Bulletin June 2016

Friday 22 July, 2016 | Bulletin Read more


In our last bulletin we explained our unique way of celebrating the Ark Village’s birthday (June 1st) by organizing for…

The Ark Village Bulletin May 2016

Tuesday 21 June, 2016 | Bulletin Read more


In the days leading up to our yearly celebration of The Ark Village-Talgar’s birthday, we once again organized for each…

The Ark Village Bulletin April 2016

Thursday 19 May, 2016 | Bulletin Read more


A group of employees from Phaeton Company organized a sports competition day involving our boys and girls as well as our …

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