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The Ark Village Bulletin July August September 2017

Thursday 16 November, 2017 | Bulletin Read more


The Family Support Center (FSC) continues to work in the area of family formation through adoption. As you may know, the …

The Ark Village Bulletin May June 2017

Thursday 27 July, 2017 | Bulletin Read more


Beeline Telecommunications has been a friend of the Ark for several years. They have shown their support in different ways…

The Ark Village Bulletin March April 2017

Thursday 1 June, 2017 | Bulletin Read more


The Tailors’ Workshop is in full scale production. Our team manufactures all sorts of items, from those used every day…

The Ark Village Bulletin January February 2017

Monday 10 April, 2017 | Bulletin Read more


The family support center has become an integral part of the Ark Village. Thanks to support from AIWC (Almaty International…

The Ark Village Bulletin November December 2016

Friday 27 January, 2017 | Bulletin Read more


To celebrate the Year of Italian Culture in Kazakhstan and the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence, a classical…

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