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The Ark Village Bulletin July/December 2018

Tuesday 11 June, 2019 | Bulletin Read more


Time flies and even if we are busy appreciating the fullness of our days, we can’t forget to update you about the goings-on…

The Ark Village Bulletin April May June 2018

Tuesday 13 November, 2018 | Bulletin Read more


Easter has its different traditions all over the world but it is common in every household to celebrate with special food…

The Ark Village Bulletin January February March 2018

Friday 20 July, 2018 | Bulletin Read more


In the first part of every year there are a few occasions to really use our creativity and organizational spirit by preparing…

The Ark Village Bulletin October November December 2017

Thursday 3 May, 2018 | Bulletin Read more


Easter passed some weeks ago and we still haven’t told you about our Christmas!  We had some very active months of work…

The Ark Village Bulletin July August September 2017

Thursday 16 November, 2017 | Bulletin Read more


The Family Support Center (FSC) continues to work in the area of family formation through adoption. As you may know, the …

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