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Easter passed some weeks ago and we still haven’t told you about our Christmas!  We had some very active months of work and commitments, leaving little time to dedicate to our newsletter. But we are here now and we will tell you everything about these winter months!

Olga’s job as a physical education instructor has taken off and she is now a professional young woman, committed and passionate about her work. She is loved and respected by her students and colleagues. We still haven’t gotten used to seeing her so seriously preparing lessons, marking tests, and correcting homework. It is a unique feeling to watch our sons and daughters grow up and express their individuality and personality outside the Ark Village borders. Watching her understand and execute her responsibilities and duties, we see just how much effort she has made. Of course when she comes home in her teacher’s shoes, she is still Olga, the girl we all know! There might even be new opportunities for her in the future, thanks to some friends in Almaty working to help her find a spot at the Physical Education Institute.


Teacher Olga

To make Olga happy, some friends found the perfect gift: new goals for the indoor football field!


Goal is happyness

We certainly could not miss the opportunity to meet with Professor Sangalli during his visit to Almaty. A friend for several years, Professor Sangalli, was invited by Caritas of Almaty to hold a seminar for parents of children with Down syndrome. He was able to take time to visit some of our children as well.  He made diagnoses and suggested treatment paths. Just as during his first visit, we experience a real lack of specialists locally, especially for the more difficult cases. Even a quick glance from Professor Sangalli can help these children find the correct treatment for a better future. It has been an honor having him.


Professor Sangalli visiting the Village

The Autumn season was particularly difficult due to the arrival of a considerable number of children under 4 years old, some with severe health problems. It is not the first time we have faced such a situation and there is no particular explanation for it. What is obvious, is that the combination of multiple additions and their young age, increases the work load considerably.  In some cases, children arrive at the Village from difficult family situations and often they cry through the night due to recent trauma. This is soothed with patience and special care, and without abandoning the rest of the house.  Fortunately, not all of the workload rests on the shoulders of the adults, but is shared with our teenagers and among the entire group living in at the Ark Village.


New little guests

One of these cases is Kolya, who arrived together with his little sister Valya. Kolya suffered an accident some time ago. Left on his own at home with his little sister, Kolya decided that it was too cold and thought it was a good idea to revive the fire by pouring fuel directly into the stove. This resulted in a flame which caused serious burns on the front of his body, fortunately, missing his face. The plastic surgery performed on him resolved his problems only in part and due to the poor quality of the surgery, his skin lost elasticity and is not expanding in proportion to his growth.  Both siblings have post trauma stress disorders; not only from this incident. Following an adjustment period, Kolya is now ready to face another surgery that will be done in Korea thanks to Casa Foundation, a humanitarian association founded several years ago by a woman in Almaty. Their main goal is to raise funds to enable patients in need to have surgeries abroad when no solution can be found locally. Thanks to their involvement, Kolya will be able to travel to Korea for the needed surgery.  After some recovery time, supervised by the Korean specialists, he will return to us to begin his normal life.


Little Kolya found a new playmate at the Village

From time to time our teenagers decide to take parts of the house management into their own hands, learning some new skills along the way. One example is to organize a sort of Sunday Fast Food day. They prepare and manage everything from the budget for the ingredients, preparation, packing and “sale” to the Village children, who pay with fake money they print themselves. Hopefully we haven’t broken any monetary or fiscal laws!



During Autumn, we were lucky enough to get visits from specialists with diverse medical backgrounds.  Among them there were ophthalmologists who gave eye examinations, paying close attention to our new arrivals. A group of students from the Faculty of Stomatology not only spent an entire day with our kids but took the opportunity to also check their teeth.


Smile, the dentists are here!

For this year’s traditional Autumn celebration, a group of students from the American/Kazakh Kimep University provided a day focusing on respect for nature.  They gave talks, put on practical demonstrations, and led competitions which the children really enjoyed.



La magia dell’autunno si ripete ogni anno, con gioghi e tanto divertimento

Every year, friends help us to prepare for the imminent winter with provisions of food. This year, friends from the Club Automibilistico Delica literally filled our cellar with enough carrots, onions, and cabbages to last the whole winter.


Ready for winter, our cellar is filled!

October should have been a moment to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our first house for children in Almaty which would become the current Ark Village. But as everyday life continues, especially the arrival of many young children and above all, the birth of the 14th nephew of the Ark, Sabyr, son of Bayan, the anniversary was forgotten. So we will wait 2 years and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Ark in Talgar.


The family grows with Sabyr

Not only do we annually publish our own calendars in Italy and Kazakhstan, but some companies even invite our models to pose for photos for their calendars.


Emerging little models

And then…


“Concentrate!” – at the regional chess tournament


And like always we celebrated Christmas with many friends



The Ark Village Bulletin – Eighteen Year – n. 191 – October November December 2017


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