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Emanuela De Vecchi Tuesday 21 June, 2016 | Bulletin



In the days leading up to our yearly celebration of The Ark Village-Talgar’s birthday, we once again organized for each child to be “adopted” for a day by a group or family from amongst our most loyal and closest friends.  Each family organized something unforgettable for “their” child’s special day.  The Ark Village birthday is an important date for all of us, but in this way every child can experience it in a more personal way and be the center of attention for a day.

Nice weather means our garden is coming to life with veggies growing; some already ready for harvesting from our greenhouse. We are focused on working to produce all the vegetables the Village consumes and at the same time we are encouraging activities like plant care with even the youngest of our kids.  This is teaching them a sense of responsibility for family and they are able to understand and experience the rewarding feeling of harvesting the result of your work, care, and commitment.


The greenhouse results!

The project to bring natural gas to the village is over. After completing the pipeline system through the entire Village, we updated the boilers for the kids’ houses, kitchen, and dining hall, thanks to donations from Air Astana.  At the same time we found it necessary to install a new central heating unit to heat the school and the clinic. This critical piece was donated by StamGazStroy. Our Dima, from the Ark Village’s first generation, designed and carried out the whole project from installation to system updates. He has been able to transform his experience and skills developed during his years at the Village, into a rewarding profession.


Thanks to the sponsors and to our Dima we have a full working new gas system

As the years pass, the number of survivors from the Second World War become fewer and fewer.  That means fewer people who are able to share their memories and experiences with the younger generations.  Even still, and also because of this, every year we celebrate the end of the conflict in this part of the world with those with whom we keep in contact. We invite them over to celebrate our gratitude.  This year, we also organized some first aid training drills.


First Aid nurses

Many events happen each month and we would like to highlight a few of them.  We received an invitation for our young ones to participate in an arts competition called “Tan Sholpan” which took place at Taldykorgan. It was quite tiring, eight hours roundtrip by bus, but the pride resulting from winning the prize for the dance contest cancelled out any sign of fatigue!  Another invitation came from the Almaty Dolphinarium. All the children attended and some even participated in the show.  There was also a drawing contest awarding the winner with the chance to swim with the dolphins. Our Ailona won the prize, Congratulations! Finally, we are happy, and also sad, to announce that our Natalia Nikolaevna has officially joined the Retirees Club. The celebration organized by the children made the thought of her leaving just a little less sad, and we congratulate her on this important milestone!


The arts competition was a great opportunity for a trip


And than everyone at the Dolphinarium!

The Ark Village Bulletin – Seventeenth Year – n. 182 – May 2016


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