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The Tailors’ Workshop is in full scale production. Our team manufactures all sorts of items, from those used every day at The Ark to clothes and customized items upon request. Our Anvar hasn’t backed down; in fact his commitment has increased with time. His recently earned diploma in clothing production is going to take him far!

Carpentry is the favorite activity of the majority of our boys. The supervision of Uncle Vasya is fundamental to the team’s organization and thanks to his skills, the kids are learning how to use tools and make small objects. Who knows, maybe in the future they can make some home furniture too!


Don’t you just love carpentry?

Laura is an active member of the AIWC, a precious friend of The Ark Village, and a skilled and passionate mountaineer. She has put together Hiking Book, a guide full of itineraries and beautiful excursions to do around the local mountains. She gave the proceeds to The Ark Village and to an Almaty foundation for the elderly. Our kids have a special bond with her because for years, she has taught English here at the Village. Now Laura is leaving for another adventure with her family and we wish her all the best.


Laura’s mountain passion became a hiking book

Starting last year, the “Smile Project” that brings dentists from Italy to The Ark Village has also embraced people from Caritas Almaty.  This year’s guests of honor were Milena and Silvio, arriving for their second time in Talgar. They spent more than half of their time examining the Ark Village kids. They met all the new arrivals who had never been to a dentist before. In the remaining time they saw people of all ages from the Caritas projects in the region. Most of the people cannot affort dentists and so this initiative is quite necessary and welcomed by everybody. We wish to thank Milena and Silvio for their professional help and a special gratitude for the human experience they have shared with us that brought them even closer to our family.


Milena: everyone shall smile

The Kazakh economy is once more going through a difficult period. Raw material prices have increased but salaries have stayed the same. Our personal gauge for this phenomenon is the rising number of kids brought from the social services to The Ark Village. Currently the average age is between 3-4 years old. The immediate consequence of it falls on the shoulders of our educational team that is called on day and night to attend to all kinds of needs for children of such a young age as well as assist with the difficulties the children have getting used to their new world. Partially this job is supported by the Family Support Center, continuing to train couples and families to become foster or adoptive parents. Thanks to this hard work, some of our children have already found loving families to live in.


Some of the new arrivals

Winter is now behind us. Definitely the best part of spring is the end of the heating period. For the first time, the winter season was faced a bit more peacefully because after two years of endless paperwork, we were finally connected to the city gas line. This new heating method drastically cut the monthly heating costs and moreover stopped the constant search for sponsors to buy oil. We are truly grateful to all those who made it possible by funding the plant installations and providing all the new equipment to make it possible, as well as the payment of the monthly gas fees. Our biggest gratitude goes to P. Karel from Belgium who, with his group and foundation, supports this project and once more ensured that our kids could be warm and comfortable.

As always at the Ark Village, no celebration can be missed, such as the arrival of Spring with Nauryz!





The Ark Village Bulletin – Eighteen Year – n. 188 – March April 2017


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