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Emanuela De Vecchi Tuesday 19 April, 2016 | Bulletin



The first Ark Village visit to Astana was several years ago, but since then the Astana tour has become a yearly tradition. This year, those selected for the long train journey to the still cold capital had quite a different experience from previous trips. The plans for this year’s itinerary began last year after a meeting with Tatyana Nikolaevna, director of the “AK Bota” association and an elementary school in Astana Province. After our introduction she proposed a collaboration that materialized as an installation of a solar panel, water faucets using photovoltaic cells, and a greenhouse. The goal of the trip to Astana was to show us how ecological technology and principles can be applied within an educational program. Our group visited some of Tatiana’s different projects, which are not only benefiting the schoo,l but also creating work opportunities for the village where the school is located. Of course our group also visited the must see landmarks of Astana while there!



Two days in Astana, city tours and activities

From the very beginning of the Ark Village’s story, we knew that our biggest challenge would be preparing our young people to transition into adult life, moving from the protected life within the walls of the village to an independent life and into the formation of their own family. We currently have a small group in exactly this phase of their lives. Our two Bayans will soon finish their educational training at the school of Hotel Management. For years they have been proving themselves in our kitchens, filling in when our chefs were on holidays or ill. They dream of opening an Italian restaurant in Talgar. Who knows!!


Bayan and Bayan

The wait for the gas supply connection to the main city seems like it has lasted forever. Each year it has become more and more difficult to find funds or donations to secure the heating supply for the winter months. Now, at last, it seems the wait has come to an end. After a long time spent planning and presenting all the necessary documents, we have entered the installation and connection phase. This is a crucial step, though not the last, in order to replace the current system. To be in compliance with the safety standards, some masonry work is required, as well as moving and/or replacing some boilers and burners to be suitable with the new fuel.  Once all this is done, we’ll be ready to test the new system’s reliability and reduction of maintenance costs for winter heating as well for use in the kitchen all year round.


New yellow gas pipes run through the Village

In the meantime, spring arrived! Children play outside and ground clearing has begun!



Spring is here!

The Ark Village Bulletin – Seventeenth Year – n. 180 – March 2016


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