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In our last bulletin we explained our unique way of celebrating the Ark Village’s birthday (June 1st) by organizing for each child to be “adopted” for a day by one of our close friends. For a few years now, we have chosen this way to mark this important date instead of big parties and events. We like that this allows every child to “celebrate” his/her own Village birthday by being the center of attention, spending a day doing whatever he or she likes to do. Nevertheless, our friends of course, wanted to do more and in the days following June 1st they raced to organize all kinds of events and parties “to honor” this date.

Our biker friends organized a desserts cooking class followed by animation and a special effects lights show. Under Diana’s supervision, a group of circus performers gave an acrobatic gymnastics spectacle and offered weekly classes to those interested. The fast food company “Perekus Zentr” came to Talgar bringing an animation and games show along with races, and a full buffet of ice cream! Loads of delicacies and sweets were brought by Eco Village, Red Cross Life Deco. Sweets and Parties for Days!!!!



Special days with cakes and acrobats

Our two Bayanes and also Liosha have successfully passed their final graduation exam. After this important milestone they have to start looking for a job and finding their way toward independence. For one of the two Bayanes, this moment is a step closer to marriage.  In fact, she and her fiancée set the date for the end of July!  Congrats!


The three new graduates: Bayan & Bayan and Liosha

No doubt that time flies and as it does, our “children” grow and become adults. Their success is ours and it fills our hearts with pride and joy. Olga, without any help or formal training, has been hired as an educator and trainer for a summer camp in Almaty region. In her free time, instead of relaxing, she takes care of our group here at the Village for whom she has become an authority. Nastya went to Moscow for a few weeks on an assignment with a group of cancer patients from the children’s oncology ward in which she has been working for few months. As you can, see all of them are working on and towards something life changing and love driven.


New Adventures for our Olga and Nastya

Because of the weather and everyone’s availability, summer is the best period to do maintenance work, big and small. We received a big hand from Citibank again this year.  They spend the company’s World Day of Volunteering at Ark village helping us out with whatever jobs we have to do. Their hard work and commitment was successful in cleaning the green area around the property. Also they brought fantastic gifts: a swimming-pool that was immediately assembled and tested by our kids and special boards to “draw” with sand.


Our Citibank friends at work to clean the land and then everyone in the pool!

June’s bulletin is usually our “have a nice holiday!” edition.  Here at the Village, we continue our Summer life that somehow is even busier than during the school year. There are plenty of activities and visits from our friends who always bring new adventures and fun. Time will fly more than ever now and in a few weeks, we will have to start preparing school materials for September. But for now …we continue to enjoy this relaxing, enjoyable season. We will come back in September with news to share with all of you, new and old friends of the Ark Village! Have a great summer!



The Ark Village Bulletin – Seventeenth Year – n. 183 – June 2016


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