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Time flies and even if we are busy appreciating the fullness of our days, we can’t forget to update you about the goings-on at the Ark Village. More updates soon!


Anyone who owns a house knows that maintenance and upkeep is key!  Almost on a daily basis new things pop up – small and large emergencies, things break, something needs repair, or something needs replaced. There is the yearly maintenance; painting and plastering – works that if done properly can save big bucks and lots of time.Now, when you talk about The Ark Village, you have to multiply the above by 10.This is the number of houses that are now part of the Village. Fortunately, every year more and more of our teenagers learn how to handle the routine jobs. For the more serious issues, we reach out to professionals. And often, our friends come to our rescue.This year, volunteers from NurOtan youth groupcame to help us out!



Our good friends at Bayer are always ready to hear and meet the needs of our kids, especially if it improves their quality of life. In this case we are talking about a room and equipment especially designed for Egor’s daily physiotherapy sessions. He calls it his room but… since it is built in the blue house, how can we say no to Maxim, Liza, Sergei, and Grisha, who want to take every free moment to perform their impressive acrobatics?agosto-1

There are some attractions that fade away with age or passing fashions, but the Circus still holds its appeal. It is a kind of “magic world”, especially for children. For grownups as well; it is interesting to see the skills and abilities passed on from father to son for generations. Some of our recent arrivals had the opportunity to attend the circus for the first time in their life. Thanks to the Dom Foundation (Dom means home), the same group which made Kolia’s trip to Korea for surgery possible, for organizing this adventure.


What a wonderful event the Toy Store Association and the Almaty Women’s Club organized! The children met the Angry Birds that they love so much! Games, competitions, shows, and many other activities were enjoyed. A legal firm gave us tickets and we have to thank Sergey and Maria as well as our friend Svetlana. Plus, four tickets were given to children from large families. A big thank you on their behalf!


The beginning of every school year always brings some worries because we are never sure if we can provide every child with everything they need. But experience has taught us that our friends, who continue to grow, never let us down in this yearly challenge. This year was no exception and they all joined forces to make sure each and every child had absolutely everything they needed to go to school. Among the many who helped, the Siemens team gave us sports outfits for allour kids and Almaty Management University organized a fund raising ball to buy school uniforms for everyone. We extend a special thank you to the Dean and the professors who are always dear to our family.


The beginning of the school year is not just stationery and clothing, it also means time to begin winter preparations. Many families, especially those who live in the countryside or in institutes or in care/foster homes, store as many fresh or preserved vegetables and fruits to save money during winter when the prices of these items increase. Once again our friends showed up to help and we have received great support from Auto Club Delica whose members showed up with their trunks full of potatoes and vegetables.  They were joined this year by the employees of MCC Trade Company. Now our winter vitamins are safe and ready to be put to good use!


We are happy to share the news that we have been selected by a supermarket chain Magnum Cash and Carry to be provided weekly with some food items and cleaning products. This is such a great help because of the economic impact on our budget and also because it can clear some common misconceptions that every institute, especially ones that host disabled and orphaned children or families in difficult situations, is financed by the government. For many people, it is a surprise to learn that our structure works because of the contributions of private citizens and private companies that chose to support our mission after seeing and believing in its results.



Kolia is going to school! Until now, his health did not allow him to attend but now he will join his friends. It is an important step and despite the fact we all still worry about his future operations, we truly hope that his mother can return to him and his sister or that we can find a good family that can provide them with love and support to face their future.


A new group of volunteers took our children to the movies. The most interesting thing though, is that through them we found out that near Talgar there is a small rehabilitation center for disabled children and these volunteers help them periodically. This is a good opportunity for us to make new friends and share experiences with this new – to us – center.


The last Saturday of each month is always dedicated to the celebration of the month’s birthdays. The Ratatui Association with the Brava Gente Club brought us a great performance by their animation team. Among them some alumni of orphanages were involved in many of the activities to help and support children with similar pasts and stories.



It is a tradition that for teacher’s day,a legacy of Soviet time, all the teachers take a day off and go for a mountain hike. It was perfect timing for the appearance of the SOS Association (never a more fitting name) volunteers who took over the role of educators for a day.


We would like to thank the Dom Foundation for providing tickets to see the astonishing show The Illusionists. How many times did we hear that night, “How did they do that??” Back at home someone tried to replicate the experiments but only time will tell if there is a real Harry Potter among us…



The Community theatrical company visited us once again. For all the actors, this is a hobby and also a work of love for our children. You can truly feel joy and love in their shows. All they do is for the love of children and the hope that the message reaches their hearts. The costumes, the sets, and the decoration fascinate the children and from their happiness after seeing the shows, we are confident that the message was delivered.


The Talgar Printing Company gave us many interesting books about professions. We hope they will be an inspiration for our kids’ futures.


The Talgar Printing Company gave us many interesting books about professions. We hope they will be an inspiration for our kids’ futures.



A lot of the boys were busy competing in football and chess. For three days they gave their best efforts.


It was nice to share with Rimma and the Dostany association important aspects of life and the desire to give your best all the time to make the world a better place.


E come ogni Natale tanti regali per i nostri ragazzi dagli amici del Villaggio dell’Arca.



The Ark Village Bulletin – Nineteen Year – n. 194 – July/December 2018


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