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In our last bulletin we left our two Bayans and Liosha after having just earned diplomas and looking for jobs. Both Bayans are looking for sous-chef/assistant cook positions in a restaurant and Liosha as a junior mechanic in a machine shop or factory requiring his skills. They are currently still looking. This is one of the first challenges of their adult life but also a fundamental step we have raised and prepared them for since their first days at the Village. For Bayan S. though, the job search wasn’t thrilling enough and, as was planned for a long time, she married Darkhan. They have been engaged for a few years and now her commitment to find a good job is even more motivated by her dream to begin a new family. We look at these young people with wonder and joy at what they have been able to accomplish despite difficult and troubled beginnings.  We can see them start to become the authors as well as the main characters in their own stories.


Our little Bayan, then and now!

Although still in the midst of summer holiday, the month of August was partially spent organizing the return to school. Every year this period brings a lot of expenses to families with children: shoes, uniforms, backpacks, stationery; and for a family as large as ours, these costs can bring some worries. Of course we could not face it alone, but this year our friends came to the rescue; notably Procter & Gamble and Hyundai Motors. Not only did they take charge of the expenses, but they took most of our kids to try on and buy new uniforms. We thank them deeply because we can start this school year in serenity.


Thanks to P&G and Hyundai for the new school uniforms and all school supplies!!

Speaking of providential aid, Father Karel, our long-time friend from Belgium, made a donation to support some of our projects here at The Ark. We are very grateful for his team’s efforts to spread the word about The Ark Village’s work and for raising donations for that work.


Our friend Father Karel in some moments of his priestly life

This summer has been nearly frenetic. The Village population was cut in half, even less! This year we organized in advance for all children with parents or relatives to spend some time with them. In most cases these visits were more educational for the adults than for the children since very often their stay with us is due to a total lack of responsibility by the parents who completely transfer their parental roles to The Ark Village.

We had several trips to the city, mountain hikes, and a tour to the “Eight Lakes” area organized by Toyota Motors focused on having fun and creating harmony in Nature. Some children accepted invitations to different summer camps, one of the most interesting was sponsored by two companies, Montazhspetsstroy and Baron which allowed a group to visit the mountain community of Baravoie!



Touring with Toyota (photos by



Magical camping (photos by

We also received several visits from friends. Small and large groups organized by different companies such as Bayer and Procter & Gamble, came over and provided whole days of programs including games, picnics, bike carousels and so much more.




Games and fun with P&G and Bayer

The yearly mission of Italian dentists just ended. This year Simone and Matteo visited; two young dentists who made their skills available to everyone who needed them. The project was realized in collaboration with Caritas Almaty, meeting not only the needs of The Ark children, but also extended to the children cared for by Caritas who belong to the most vulnerable part of the population. Simone and Matteo did not spare a single effort to help everyone.


Dentists working at the Village

At the end of the holidays, we celebrated Constitution Day in two ways. The first celebration was organized by our boys and girls with their educators on the importance of the constitution and the second part included a visit by the National Guard who explained the different aspects of their duties in serving the country, including a show with a trained dog.  At the end, a modern music concert enjoyed by everyone.





The Ark Village Bulletin – Seventeenth Year – n. 184 – July August 2016


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