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In the first part of every year there are a few occasions to really use our creativity and organizational spirit by preparing and setting the stage for events like Maslenitsa, the local version of Carnival. This is a colorful time and an occasion to leave winter behind and look to the first signs of spring. Then spring itself arrives and it is also celebrated in many ways. Nauryz, the traditional month-long spring celebration, is one of the principal events.  Our friends from Bayer provided great support in organizing a special Nauryz event and, as usual, put a special touch on our monthly birthday celebration.


Even with snow still on the ground, bye-bye winter, spring is here!

Over the winter, a lot of our worries were focused on Kolja. You may remember, Kolja is our new little arrival who was burned in a domestic accident and because of it had to undergo a difficult surgery which could take place only in Korea. After it was determined that Kolja and his sister could be fostered at the Ark Village for good we began to organize the difficult medical path ahead, consisting of several complicated surgeries. It was such a joy to welcome him back with a small gathering at the airport and then continue the welcome party at home.


Thanks to technology, Kolja could keep in touch with us

The Family Support Center continues to work on their established goals and strives towards new horizons, preparing couples to adopt or foster children. The goal of the meetings and trainings organized by our team is to create and encourage an environment that safely welcomes a child, providing the stability and love that every child has the right to receive. The program is supported by the movement: “Every child must live in a family”. The team has been invited to other cities to share the program and their experience with social workers and potential foster families.


Meeting future parents and foster parents outside the Ark Village

Our carpentry workshop is always busy but sometimes we need its help for special projects, like repairing the closets in the Village. Over the past few months, with the help of outside friends, all closets in the kids’ rooms have been repaired and renewed.


Happiness is: a new closet for clothes and books and toys and…

Air Astana staff regularly visit us. Each visit, a different department of the airline supports a project, paying attention to the needs of our young ones. This time it was a project for Andrej, who needed a new laptop that would allow him to work and be in contact with everyone. Air Astana’s pilots personally raised the funds. Then for the celebration of the local thanksgiving holiday, Riza Shylik, everyone chose cities to which the airline flies to regularly and shared historical and cultural facts about those cities and peoples, adding dances and music.


Great party with Air Astana, especially for Andrej with his new computer

It is not often that history can be both an exciting subject to study and that one that you can touch first hand at the same time. Our friend Serafin and his friends are passionate about the history of Kazakhstan, participating in archaeological digs and reproducing weapons and costumes of the past. The day spent with them was a fascinating experience, learning by a full immersive jump into history, experiencing the everyday life and work of people from the past.


Learning history and having fun

Our friendship with Rosario and his wife Aida started one year ago during the Expo 2017 in Astana where they live. Rosario is an orthodontist and his wife assists. We have been talking about the possibility of a trip to visit the Ark Village several times and finally it happened. After they arrived, they spent a few days with the Ark Village family sharing in our kids’ lives and providing evaluations and orthodontic devices to those who needed it and fixing various dental issues. This opens a new chapter of the dental program started many years ago with the Italian volunteer dentists.


Rosario and Aida at work

Thanks to the United Arab Emirates Embassy, we received some new wheel chairs and even one electric wheel chair for Maxim who is now learning how to maneuver it inside the Village before testing it outside. They also provided clothes and shoes for all the kids and teenagers living at the Ark Village.


Max says farewell to his old wheelchair and welcomes the brand new electric one!


The Ark Village Bulletin – Nineteen Year – n. 192 – January February March 2018


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