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Emanuela De Vecchi Thursday 19 May, 2016 | Bulletin



A group of employees from Phaeton Company organized a sports competition day involving our boys and girls as well as our guests. Of course, there was a friendly football match between the two representing teams. At the end of the day the most talented were recognized at an award ceremony but there were gifts for everyone as Featon Company donated a full range of sports equipment for outdoor activities. It was particularly appreciated because with spring and summer at our door, our kids will spend most of their time outside.


Prizes for everyone!

A group of our boys and girls spent a day doing Art Therapy. Larissa, a painter from Almaty, has started to use panting as a way to help the development of people affected by different kinds of disabilities.


 Larissa with some of our kids

This year Nauryz, the traditional Kazakh celebration welcoming Spring, was spent in a different way. We organized a competition between two “Aul” (Villages). One was made up of members of the Ark Village and the other was made of employees from the Bayer Company. The competitions involved different aspects of village life, mastery of traditional Kazakh musical instrument – the “Dombra”, physical strength, and sports competitions. At the end the true winner was friendship. A new group of friends who came to plant some fruit trees around the territory joined the party and played judge for our friendly competition.


Nauryz-2 Nauryz-3

Dance, games, and some gardening at Nayruz celebration this year

Our long-time friends from the SOS Volunteer group visited the Ark Village and made crafts with the kids to be sold at the SOS bazaar fundraiser.


Kids preparing things for the SOS fundraising event

Ark Village organized a round table with the participation of local Police and Municipality representatives to share information and activities with the Family Support Center.


Family at the center of the round table discussion organized by Ark Village

After last year’s experience, our elder boys proved their ability to face emergencies and help when and where necessary. At the end of April it rained quite a lot and the rivers and streams rose to dangerous levels. The risk of flood became a reality in our area and Civil Protection called for the possibility of an evacuation. Luckily it was not necessary but work was required to reestablish the banks of the river beds and especially one stream running just outside our Village posing particular risk to our neighbors. Our boys spared no effort and worked skillfully to help the river return to its normal course.


Our boys’ solidarity with the people hit by the flood


The Ark Village Bulletin – Seventeenth Year – n. 181 – April 2016


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