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robot-1 robot-2

Thanks to Dom (Home) Foundation we attended the theater and visited a robot trade show.


Happy Birthday Mama Marina!!! Everyone joined forces and our team prepared a birthday cake to celebrate the birthday of Mama Marina. For 19 years we have worked on our theory: gather all your resources and work together as a family; like this, so much can be accomplished. Learning never stops!

pulire-terra-1 pulire-terra-2

New guests and new friends helped us to clean up the entire Ark Village territory of the results and remains of winter. At the end of the day, hard work is rewarded with a traditional and always welcomed shashlik meal.

orto-1 orto-2

Together with the Pajero Automobile Club we planted raspberries and currants. Now we wait for harvest!

lavoro-1 lavoro-2

Thanks to the Morgan & Luis Studio, in particular to Anna and the studio partners, who organized some “smart” fun. Our boys and girls could experiment with different professions like chef, builder, fire fighter etc. This experience will be helpful as they ponder, “What do I want to be when I grow up…”

uova-1 uova-2

Visiting guests allowed us to combine business with pleasure. They helped the boys with their homework for school and organized a workshop to color Easter eggs!

animali-1 animali-2

The Ark Village family grows again!  Through the generosity of Baron Company, we have new four-legged friends!



Some of our older kids visited Almatytelekom. This visit was particularly interesting because they could hear what kind of jobs they might look for in the future and what to study in order to acquire such jobs.

kolia-1 kolia-2

Kolya is waiting for phase 2 of his surgeries in Korea. As you may remember, Kolya was burned over more than 50% of his body in a home accident. Thanks to the first phase of surgeries he can lift his arms, his neck can now move freely, and he can close his mouth. This year, he was able to attend school. A special thank you to the Miloserdie Foundation and to all the benefactors that made the trip and the treatments for Kolya possible.


mensole mensole-2

A master class to build shelves. Now everyone is a carpenter!

color-run-2 color-run-1

A special thank you to the volunteers at Ikhlias Association who gave sneakers and training suits for everyone. They were immediately put to use for the Color Run!

calcio-2 calcio-1

The Almaty Kairat Club organized a soccer competition among the regional orphanages and our team took second place!!  We were pleasantly surprised that our team did not make the oft heard comments in these cases like: “it wasn’t fair” or “we should have won!”   They accepted the other team’s win with sportive enthusiasm. Perhaps they are growing up and understanding the coaches’ lessons of good sportsmanship. Good job!!

ramadan-1 ramadan-2

It is a pleasure to be invited every year for Ramadan by the family that own Cafe Malika. Their family welcomes our large family all with their warm hospitality. It is always an honor to be their guests.

fragole-1 fragole-2

Strawberries are a tasty and excellent gift for children’s health, rich in vitamins. They are good fresh and to prepare jams for winter.

magliette-1 magliette-2

You can now recognize our Ark Village members everywhere thanks to the colorful T-shirts created by our friends.

o-zhivi-1 o-zhivi-2

For the third year in a row, the O ‘Zhivi Foundation organized excursions for us to significant places highlighting the history of Kazakhstan.

sakura-1 sakura-2

Little Sakura is happy and so are we, thanks to Doctor Laura of A-Clinic who provided eye treatments for her.

muratura-1 muratura-2

Many people ask us, how do we pay bills, how do we eat? For some people, it is hard to believe that Ark Village has been thriving for 19 years thanks to the generosity and goodwill of people who believe in the project and in what we are doing. They see what our children need and they support in any and every way possible. One of these benefactors is Bizzon Company. They take to heart the stories of our children and they help as if they are their own.

morgan-1 morgan-2

Citibank and Morgan & Luis, as they do every year, painted and refreshed the rooms and cleaned a large part of the Ark Village grounds. Their good spirit and joy to contribute is remarkable.

kirill-danil-2 kirill-danil

Kirill and Danil are members of the family support program. Both have at least one parent. After many years together, they overcame many difficulties and challenges but now they are growing up and we hope they will become great parents, able to pass on their values to their children. The camera could not catch the look in their eyes; some sadness but so much strength and determination.

seminario seminario-2

Our team participating at the family support projects seminar with 9 other regions in the country.


 scuola A look back, celebrating good school results and the beginning of summer holidays!!
Recently there are two passions that have taken over most of the kids: soccer and cooking. We cannot take keep them away from the stoves!  cucina
 medicine Our friend Sergey brought the entire list of medicines we requested. We were able to face summer without risk!
A boxing club opened their doors to our kids three times a week. They now train at the gym as well as at home.  box
Celebrations and fun provided by SOS volunteers and Pizzeria Dodo. Everyone enjoys these!
cinema  dodo

The Ark Village Bulletin -Ttwentieth Year – n. 196 – April May June 2019


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