Artisans at the Ark Village

Emanuela De Vecchi Tuesday 30 May, 2017 | News

Our Tailors’ Workshop is successfully taking off. Our artisans don’t miss any opportunity to improve their skills. The usual work consists of decorations, clothes, and custom-ordered home accessories. Anvar especially, has shown enthusiasm and commitment to this project from the very beginning and now we are proud to announce that he has successfully finished a specialized course for creating children’s clothing!


Many among our boys have taken great interest in our Carpentry Workshop.  The supervisor of the carpentry team is Vasili Arkadievich, who we now call, Uncle Vasya.  Our kids and teenagers are learning to recognize different types of wood and are acquiring familiarity with the specific tools and their uses to obtain desired results and complete projects. Following the lead of the Tailors’ Workshop, the carpentry team is starting to offer its skills to The Ark Village by repairing and manufacturing furniture for the houses.



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