The Ark project is the result of the cooperation of:

  • UchrezhdeniJe Kovcheg, the Ark institution based in Almaty, Kazakhstan, which manages and coordinates the Ark Village.
  • Associazione Arca Italia Onlus, the Ark association based in Milan, Italy, working in fund raising activities.

Associazione Arca Italia Onlus

In 2004, the Associazione Arca Italia Onlus—a non-profit NGO—was established in Italy with the dual aim of promoting initiatives and raising funds for the Ark Village. The organization’s strength lies in its lean structure based exclusively on a staff of around fifteen volunteers.

Roberto Depretis

Roberto Depretis

“A few years after the Village began, and with a growing number of friends and supporters”, says Roberto Depretis, the president of the association in Italy,” we felt the need to give the Association both an official and legal capacity. The Ark Village was undergoing a transformation: the number of children had increased, and it had become necessary to “exist” in every sense. Then, as now, we did not want to become burdened with costs; founding the Associazione Arca Italia Onlus would be possible only on the condition that it didn’t cost anything and that it could be kept afloat solely through the commitment of volunteers. This challenge, a daunting one, was met successfully and today a cohesive, smoothly-running team is at work making it operational, efficient and ever-expanding. Thanks to the Italian association’s determination and resolve, that which was once only a dream, is today living reality.”

The proceeds from the association’s various fund raising activities are devoted entirely to the support of enterprises in Kazakhstan. Several principles guide the realization of its projects: financial and rigor transparency; enhancement of the country’s social and environmental heritage; the sustainability of the projects themselves.

The Associazione Arca Italia Onlus works closely with Partner companies and foundations with the aim of building lasting relationships and maintaining the quality of the projects. It is a team dedicated to enhancing its commitment and perfecting an organization that, however small it might be, is rigorous and effective.

Il Villaggio dell'Arca

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