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admin Thursday 31 January, 2013 | Events

Our friends Marco and Renata, in the day of  their wedding, dedicate a thought of solidarity to the children of the Ark Village.

With a lovely message to their guests, they have decided not to realize any keepsake and make a donation to the Ark. Endless thanks, dear friends, we all are with you in this unforgettable day.

To you all … guests at our wedding!

First good news: despite the economic crisis we still celebrate a wedding!

Second good news: no wedding keepsakes!

Third news, the most important for us:
we have handed over the sum we would have used for the wedding keepsakes to the ‘
Associazione Arca Italia Onlus‘.

The President, we are sure, will make good use of the money, because we truly believe
that we can and we have to try to change the bad parts of this wonderful world, day by day,
through small and big acts.

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