A tractor for the Village

admin Friday 16 January, 2015 | Completed projects

The Mini Tractor project can be considered closed! It has been purchased thanks to the financial support of the AIWC (Almaty International Women’s Club). The tractor was necessary to carry out some much needed work on the Village property; from plowing the garden to transporting timber, hay, and building materials. Two of the older boys, Liosha and Kirill, passed an operations and basic maintenance training course. Officially they have become the “tractor leaders” and the only ones allowed to operate it.

The tractor is also essential in winter to clear the snow on the roads and paths around the Village in order to make the workshops, classrooms, and medical centre accessible. What remained from the very generous donation by the AIWC was not quite enough to buy a blade and snow brush… so we made our own for now!!


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