A new niece at the Village

Emanuela De Vecchi Thursday 19 November, 2015 | News

Just few months ago the Ark Village was excited about Lena and Dima’s wedding. Everyone did their part to help out and it was a true moment of joy and happiness for all of us at the Ark Village, children and adults the same.


Their family immediately grew and soon after Lena gave birth to her first child, a girl called Maria. We were all very happy but also a bit concerned as Maria was born prematurely. Now, though, we can all relax because Lena and the baby are in good health.


A newborn needs a lot of attention and support and with the outpouring of assistance she received, it felt like there was a race to provide her with all the newborn needs!

If you would like to support Lena and her baby, click here:


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