A new family for Amir

admin Friday 29 November, 2013 | Events

After having carried out lengthy research and preparation, our Amir is in foster care in a local family of friends.

The beginning seems promising and both Amir and the foster family seem to be very happy.

We, too, are so glad for this. We truly hope this is a good omen for the new activity we are going to start, the two “pilot” projects that will take place at the Ark in the next months. Two important steps, started in cooperation with the organization “A child must live in a family”.

A first “pilot” project to sensitize local families towards adoption and foster care has been started following the signature of the Memorandum on adoption and foster care between the President of Children Rights Defense and the President of the Organization. One of these family will come to live soon at the Village.

A second “pilot” project will soon start in our Almaty house. It is going to become the example for future family support centers aimed to help families with difficulties as well as to coach those families who will be available for adoption or foster care.


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